UTP Maintenance

UTP Maintenance

High-quality industrial-use welding filler metals for maintenance, repair, and overlay welding. By adding the UTP and Soudokay brands to the voestalpine Böhler Welding brand network, the UTP Maintenance can look back on a proud history spanning 60 years as an innovative supplier of welding technology products. It is the global leader in the repair, maintenance, and overlay welding segment.

With roots both in Bad Krozingen (Germany) and Seneffe (Belgium), UTP Maintenance offers the world’s most unique product portfolio for filler metals from its own production facilities. The Soudokay brand was established back in 1938, while the UTP brand began operations in 1953. Each of these brands therefore respectively look back on a long history of international dimension.

By merging into the UTP Maintenance brand, the collective know-how of both brands—gathered over decades in the fields of metallurgy, service, and applications engineering—is now united under one umbrella. As a result, a truly unique portfolio of solutions for welding applications has been created in the fields of repair, maintenance, and overlay welding.

Tailor-Made Protectivity

Industry experience and applications know-how—combined with innovative and custom (tailor-made) products—guarantee that our customers obtain the ideal combination of productivity and protection, within the shortest operating times and up to the maximum performance capacity of their products. This explains UTP Maintenance’s guiding principle—“tailor-made protectivity” —which puts the focus on the customer.

Research and Development for Customized Solutions

At UTP Maintenance, research and development, conducted in collaboration with customers, plays a crucial role.  Because of our strong commitment to research and development, combined with our tremendous innovative capacity, we are constantly engineering new products, and improving existing ones on an ongoing basis. The result is a vast number of innovative products for solving individual problems and complex matters.

Customized Products of Superior Quality

We continuously adapt our product portfolio of about 600 products to customer and industry specifications, while ensuring that we meet the highest quality specifications.

From its in-house production facilities, UTP Maintenance delivers innovative, tailor-made welding filler metals for: unalloyed and fine-grained structural steel, low-grade alloyed steels, rust-proof, acid-proof, and heat-proof steels, nickel-based alloys, cast iron, copper and copper alloys, manganese steels, tool steels, and cobalt steels. The product portfolio comprises:

  • Stick electrodes
  • Solid wires and rods
  • Flux cored wires
  • Submerged arc wires and fluxes
  • Submerged arc strips and fluxes
  • Spraying- and PTA-powders

Solutions at Every Point on the Globe

UTP Maintenance provides products and services through the global branches of voestalpine Böhler Welding and its dealer network in more than 150 countries throughout the world. A team of welding engineers stand at the customer’s side, providing advice and support in all matters related to the challenges of welding technology.

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